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Jewelry is one of the most popular gifts. There are few people who are not happy to receive a piece of jewelry as a gift. The necklace is among the best-selling jewelry of all. Silver necklaces are especially popular and come in a variety of styles, such as the king necklace.

925 silver king chain-5.6mm square

The king necklace is a modern piece of jewelry with traditional roots. Due to the special structure, solid workmanship and heavy weight of the king chain, it is very popular among jewelry lovers. Despite the different materials like gold, silver or stainless steel, the king necklace made of silver is still the most popular.

King necklaces are available in different styles on the market.

They come in the variants: square, flat or round.

Usually, king necklaces do not have additional pendants, yet king necklaces are popularly combined with equally massive pendants nowadays. The massive, very modern design makes king necklaces popular with both men and women. Very often the king necklace is worn with a matching king necklace bracelet as a set.

King necklaces as well as king necklace bracelets are also available in filigree variants. Regardless of which variation you choose, the masterfully crafted king necklaces as well as matching bracelets are and will always be a beautiful gift idea. 925-Silber-Königskette-FlachWhether to show someone your love, to say thank you to this person or simply as a small attention, king necklaces are exactly the right choice. Combining intricate design with unique beauty, king necklaces are as unique as love itself. This particular type of chain is not an accessory, but a very special statement.

While women prefer a thickness of two to four millimeters, men tend to go for the thicker versions of king chains. Due to the compact and bulky appearance of the king chains, they have established themselves especially in the hip-hop and biker scene. There this is considered a status symbol.


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A beloved jewelry should be eternal. To keep the king chain shiny, it needs regular and gentle care. Here you will learn how to clean your jewelry gently.