Our history

The history of DeinSchmuck by TL

My name is Thomas Lichanow. Founder of "DeinSchmuck by TL" DeinSchmuck by TL is a young up and coming sole proprietorship with focus on great variety as well as customer satisfaction. I have always been a fan of jewelry of any kind. I owned necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings in different colors and shapes. I loved wearing different variations with rings and bracelets as well as necklaces and earrings. One day I was looking for a new bracelet, found one and ordered it. I inspected the bracelet closely and thought about what I would change, how I would like it even better and what different variations could be made from it. And that's exactly how it came to me. Why don't I make my own jewelry! That's how the idea for "DeinSchmuck by TL" was born I specialized in making bracelets for him and her in different shapes, sizes and colors. The focus was on partner bracelets knotted from beads.

But why beaded partner bracelets ?

Partner bracelets are in trend. They show the connection between two people, symbolize love and deep connection. Unlike elaborate gold jewelry, a pearl bracelet worn with your partner scores with a certain casualness. Natural stones with delicate grain and pleasant shades make these bracelets an accessory for every day.

A pearl bracelet should be easily put on. It delicately encloses the wrist. The high wearing comfort of pearl bracelets for lovers is at the same time a symbol: You want to have the other person around you all the time. But since this is not possible, you wear an individual piece of jewelry as a sign of attachment, which is a sign of mutual love in a gentle way every time you look at it. The message to our beaded bracelets from "DeinSchmuck by TL" is : "Always carry your loved ones in your heart & also on your wrist". DeinSchmuck by TL attaches great importance to a balanced price/performance ratio. Our pearl bracelets are all handmade by us. Due to the unique structure of each of our natural stone beads and semi-precious stone beads, each bracelet is unique and something very special for you and your loved ones.

Why do we use natural stone/semi-precious stone beads?

Natural stone and semi-precious stones are ancient talismans and very spiritual, sacred and powerful. The stones and crystals directly amplify and accelerate energy patterns that combine their natural power with the strength of your desires to assist you in the spiritual, emotional, physical and holistic healing of our bracelets. By choosing representative stones, you can intensify and balance your life.

Today, of course, we offer not only beads partner bracelets. With the time and the collected experience in the field of jewelry, I expanded my team and enlarged our assortment to be able to offer you customers a variety of different jewelry. Meanwhile we can offer our customers a large assortment from handmade bracelets to wonderful necklaces, bracelets as well as rings made of gold and silver for men and women. We are constantly expanding our range to meet every need of our customers. Through your help and the great feedback we receive from you, we manage to do just that. Look forward in the future to many more great products of the best quality that can be worn on all occasions. Whether as a birthday gift for your partner, a small gift for friends or family, for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or other occasions, just browse through our great assortment and convince yourself.

We look forward to continuing our journey with you!

Kind regards

Your DeinSchmuck by TL Team